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Online Presence: A Need, Not an Option

We get it, building a website is time consuming and it can feel a bit intimidating. Yet, if you want your business or service to reach more people, online presence is the way to go.

97% of consumers look online for local products and services.” And yet, “47% of small businesses don’t have a website.U.S. Small Business Administration.

But there’s more to online presence than having a website. In fact, there are so many options available that you’re probably wondering which one is right for you. Should you create your own website? Should you just claim or create a business profile on Yelp? What about Google for Business? And then there’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…

Where to Start?

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Let’s divide all these available options in three simple categories. This will help you understand how they can each benefit your business in different ways.


Your website is the space in the cyber world that is absolutely yours. You decide what information to include and how to present it. This is also your permanent cyber address. Unlike with social media platforms, this space doesn’t depend on trends. As long as you pay for your domain and hosting, the space is yours and people will be able to find your business through it.

This is key. Every piece of content you add to your website is content that becomes searchable on the web. “A good business website provides the means to create relevant content which can be found by consumers looking for your product or service.Business2Community.

For all these reasons, creating your website should be your first step in developing your online presence, but not the last.

Business Listings

Business listing platforms like Yelp, Google My Business or Yellow Pages, already have an active audience that is there looking for your products or services. Having a business listing will make it easier for them to find you. Not only that, these platforms also allow their users to review your business.

85% of consumers read online reviews for local

The new word-of-mouth is online. This means that having a great website is no longer enough. You need to be present in business listings so that happy customers can give you great reviews that will then help attract more customers.

Social Media

The name says it all, if you want to reach more potential customers, you need to get involved in social media.

Just like with business listings, social media is great for online reviews. A happy customer may tweet about her experience with your product or service, or she may post a picture on Instagram. When this happens, your customer’s social network learns about your business.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

You can also develop your own social media following. The main difference between social media and business listings is that you can reach an audience that may not be looking for your particular product or service at the time, but who may still be interested in your field of expertise. When you develop a loyal following, next time they need your product or service, guess who they’ll turn to. You!

Let’s Get Started!

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At Synergistic Productions, we want to help your business thrive in the online world. We can help you create your online presence from scratch or solidify it if you’ve already started to work on it. Contact us for a free consultation!


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