Synergistic Productions, Inc.

A Multimedia Production Company

Jason England and Catalina Walsh from Synergistic Productions at the Golden Globe Awards 2015
Jason England and Catalina Walsh, from Synergistic Productions, at Golden Globe Awards 2015

About Us

Things turn out better when done in synergy. This is why here, at Synergistic Productions, we do everything synergistically.

We are a small business based in Woodland Hills, CA. While we can work remotely with anybody thanks to the World Wide Web, we can meet in person with you, if you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas.

We are a team of two: Jason England and Catalina Walsh.

Jason is great with visual media. He’s a perfectionist who treats every production as a Hollywood production! This comes as a result of working in the big industry for 20 years. Jason’s creative and out-of-the-box thought processes will result in original creations for your brand. His high quality standards will be reflected in your business’ online videos, photos, and website design. Read his impressive bio here.

Catalina is great with research and written content. She has an innate curiosity to learn about new fields and topics all the time, so she will learn every detail she needs to know about your business before drafting compelling content for your site, business listings and social media. Catalina is fully bilingual (English and Spanish) and has experience working with major brands writing content in both languages. Read her exciting bio here.

Back when Synergistic focused on entertainment coverage (Read our company’s history), both Jason and Catalina learned the ins and outs of social media, resulting in over 50,000 organic social media followers and over 16 million organic YouTube views!

Since then we’ve been working with clients producing online multimedia both in English and Spanish. Our greatest satisfaction comes from working with small businesses and seeing their numbers grow online and translate into more profits and business for them. As a small business ourselves, we understand your struggles and challenges, and we’re happy to work with you to overcome them.

We believe in supporting the small business industry in our country because, when you think about it, if all of us small businesses work together… our synergy will help improve our economy as a whole! So let’s synergize!

Catalina Walsh

I grew up in a bilingual and bicultural environment that resulted from being born in Houston, Texas, and raised primarily in Mexico City. In 1998, I graduated from college with a degree in Educational Technology. Soon after I started working as a Production Assistant for Mexico’s Sesame Street co-production, Plaza Sésamo, at Televisa. A year… Learn more!

Jason England

I was born and raised in Houston, TX, and moved to Los Angeles the summer of 1990 after studying Sound Engineering, Editing and Mixing at Full Sail University in Florida. When I first arrived to LA, I had absolutely no Hollywood connections, so, I had to approach the entertainment industry with nothing but my knowledge, creativity,… Learn more!