Synergistic Productions, Inc.

A Multimedia Production Company

Jason England and Catalina Walsh from Synergistic Productions at the Golden Globe Awards 2015
Jason England and Catalina Walsh, from Synergistic Productions, at Golden Globe Awards 2015

Our History

Synergistic Productions, Inc. was founded in November 2011 when Jason England (Jas) and Catalina Walsh (Cat) decided to join their strengths to start a company that would focus on covering entertainment events and news. Their high-quality video packages were a direct result of the synergy between Jas’ creative vision and technical skills, and Cat’s creative writing and interviewing skills.

Their strong work and high-quality production standards opened the doors to many coveted press spots on red carpet events such as Teen Choice Awards, Golden Globes, Writer’s Guild Awards, ALMA Awards, American Country Awards, TCAs and Comic-Con, among many others. They were also regulars on weekly press events for shows like The Voice, American Idol, The X Factor and So You Think You Can Dance.

Impressed with the quality of their videos and their successful social media interactions, many celebrities would approach them to be interviewed among competing outlets and the publicists would often assign them priority placement on highly competitive press events. A company of two would be sharing the red carpet with big established brands like E! News, Access TV, Reelz, the Associated Press and network television.

In only a few years they developed a loyal fan following, reaching over 16 million organic video views and over 50,000 organic social media followers.

In 2015 Jas and Cat realized that they enjoyed the creative process behind producing videos, websites and other media, together with social media interaction, even more than interviewing celebrities! So they decided to change the course of their company and share their knowledge and expertise with businesses who need a hand to develop and maintain their own online presence.

“We know how it’s done and we want to help you grow your online presence too!” – Cat & Jas

Catalina Walsh

I grew up in a bilingual and bicultural environment that resulted from being born in Houston, Texas, and raised primarily in Mexico City. In 1998, I graduated from college with a degree in Educational Technology. Soon after I started working as a Production Assistant for Mexico’s Sesame Street co-production, Plaza Sésamo, at Televisa. A year… Learn more!

Jason England

I was born and raised in Houston, TX, and moved to Los Angeles the summer of 1990 after studying Sound Engineering, Editing and Mixing at Full Sail University in Florida. When I first arrived to LA, I had absolutely no Hollywood connections, so, I had to approach the entertainment industry with nothing but my knowledge, creativity,… Learn more!